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1. Who is the only person to be cast member on both Mad Tv and Saturday Night Live?

2. What year did Armed and Dangerous come out?

3. Freddy Soto once worked as a limo driver for what comedian?

4. In Keeping Up Appearances, Hyacinth is always bragging that her sister Violet has a Mercedes, a swimming pool and room for what?

5. In the movie Rolling Kansas, the five boys get a goverment check for how much money?

6. Where did Blake Clark's One Night Stand special take place?

7. In Bubble Boy, what was the name of the ice cream man Jimmy met on his way to Niagra Falls?

8. What was the name of Kramer's bus tours that he started on one episode of Seinfeld?

9. In Comedy Central Presents Brian Regan, Brain says he eats what by the sleeve?

10. What famous singer was David Herman's character in Office Space named after?

Lewis Black

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